KadeeHope was missing – Kadee and her future husband needed help. Faced with a traumatic, unplanned pregnancy and overwhelming challenge, the couple sought help from numerous agencies, but thought their only option was to terminate the pregnancy.

“I’d already had two abortions, and I really didn’t want to [terminate the pregnancy],” Kadee said. “We were desperate.”

Despite strong reservations, the couple borrowed money from Kadee’s unsuspecting mother and scheduled an abortion.

“We weren’t Christians at the time, but we just believed there had to be some other way,” Kadee said. “In the mean time, I had gotten a return phone call from The [Keim] Center. I met with a counselor, and while I was there, she didn’t offer me a big check or anything like that, but she offered me hope. At that point, there was no hope for us. We just wanted someone to say there was some other option other than abortion. She prayed with me that day, and it was the first time in my adult life that I made a decision for Christ.”

Kadee chose life and gave birth to her daughter, Serenitee. Sixteen years later, Kadee’s family gives back by sharing their story of hope, a living legacy of lives forever touched by the ministry of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater.

- Fall 2010
Kadee and her daughter, Serenitee, are actual clients. Their names and likenesses have not been changed.