I was going into my senior year in college – on full scholarship and heavily involved in church leadership. I found out I was pregnant, and it’s just kinda like everything stopped for a moment. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to think.

At that point, I was still considering abortion. It wasn’t something that I wanted to do. I had the ultrasound done [in the Norfolk clinic], and when they had the ultrasound on the big screen, you could actually see life that was inside of me, at only nine weeks. And that was kind of a point where it really kind of made everything clear. The abortion factor began to diminish.

I decided to carry to term, and it was one of the scariest decisions that I had to make. My son’s five now, and I love my son. He’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. To look at my life now, absent of him, I really can’t imagine it and I’m glad I made the decision that I made.

Looking back at my situation, I can definitely see how Christ worked the situation out-  how He worked in the situation – not only just with me and strengthening my relationship with Him, but also placing people at just the right time, for just the right reason.

In just the one hour I spent in The Keim Center, it made a life of a difference.

- Fall 2012
Marnita and her son, Makhai, are actual clients. Their names and likenesses have not been changed.