CPC gave me my purpose.

Never did I imagine I would be living out a part of my life that was unplanned. Having planned my life out in my teen years, having a child was not at all in my plans. Frantic one morning, I woke up knowing something wasn’t right. I texted my friend and told her I thought I was pregnant and didn’t know what I was going to do. She texted me a link to The Keim Center’s website - I immediately made an appointment.

Up until the day of my appointment I went back and forth about keeping my baby. That was until I was shown the heartbeat. In that moment I knew I was carrying life and I would bring her into this world. CPC gave me my purpose.

This past October I had my beautiful baby girl more prepared than I ever thought I would be. Prepared spiritually as well as with parenting knowledge, I owe it all to CPC. Not only am I in a better place in life, but I am in love with the best gift God has ever given me, my daughter Nia.